Roy Prigge '67

I received my draft notice the Monday after graduation in May 1967. I talked with the Marine Corp recruiter and he indicated that I could walk through Vietnam with the Army or join the Marine Corp, train as a pilot and fly over Vietnam. The choice was obvious. In November of 1967, I went to Officers Training School, graduating in February of 1968. 

In March 1968, I started flight school in Pensacola, Florida.  There I finished formation flying, acrobatics and carrier qualification. After finishing fixed wing training I transitioned into helicopters.  I completed flight school in July 1969 and transferred to a helicopter squadron in Santa Ana, California.

In November of 1969, I went to Vietnam to fly a variety of combat missions.  In November 1970, I returned to Santa Ana, California, where I flew a variety of missions until December of 1972, when I was discharged from the Marine Corp.

Living in Iowa, I joined the Iowa National Guard in 1977.  I accepted a position in Minnesota and joined the Minnesota Army National Guard in 1979 and flew with them until 1994 when I retired from the military.

I recently retired from Luther College after serving 16 years as the Director of Human Resources. My wife, Faith, and I live in northern Minnesota.

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